It’s Your Hair!

“I’ve observed that the creative vision of many hairdressers takes precedence to the vision and wishes of their clients. Clients are not our personal works of art. They are, in fact, beautiful, unique individuals and should be honored and treated as such. Our creativity is a tool at your disposal and the visions held should be a shared one.

Thus in my communication and consultations with each of my guests, my priority is reassuring them that their hair is in fact their’s, and that my hands are merely their tool to get what they want in a hairstyle. Yes, it is my field of expertise but I always want the client to be integrally involved in the process. This mutual respect ensures a beautiful and satisfied result.”

Lisa Koebbe Bevan
Master Stylist

Healthy, Happy, & Natural

There is no compromise

Your hair is a part of your body, not a fashion accessory or an outfit. Yes, we all want to look our best, but we also need to respect what is going on our head and into our environment. At Believe, we only use high-quality products that have proven results and a healthy mindset. That means utilizing brands that offer all-natural ingredients whenever possible, and have a track record of respect and accountability within the industry. We also support brands that show a proper deference to mother nature, as the beauty industry plays an important role in our collective footprint on this earth. Fortunately, the best brands tend to check all or most of those boxes, providing results that are healthy for your hair, body, and the environment.

Autism & More

Our staff is ready and pleased to provide a comfortable experience in our salon for autistic guests or anyone that would prefer a more relaxed environment. This means scheduling off-hours appointments and adjusting the salon environment to meet your desires.


From coloring to haircutting, styling, and treatments, we offer our guests a full array of services to suit your needs. Additionally, we work with a team of experts and artists who proudly utilize only the highest quality products in their work.

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Our Products

There is no compromise on quality. We can all agree on that. But in the beauty industry, it is hard sometimes to sort out the very best from the trendy. Our team has done a vast amount of research and training to determine which products are the right ones for your hair and health.