The Believe Beauty Box

Your Personal Take-Home Salon

For those in-between visits, the Believe Beauty Box is key! So many of our clients leave our salon with gorgeous, stylish, and healthy hair, only to inflict damage many days later with their in-home refresh. Spare your precious follicles from the nasty and unnatural chemicals found in drugstores and big box warehouses.

Each Believe Beauty Box is equipped with the exact tools and high-quality ingredients you need for your specific style – from the developer, color, color block, and more. Inside, you will be given clear instructions as to the best method and technique for applying each ingredient, walking you through each step with care.

This is the perfect solution to maintain your beautiful and healthy look until we see you again!

Believe Beauty Products

Your hair deserves the very best quality.

We are proud to offer you the Believe Beauty lineup of products. Featuring our acclaimed tonics, thermal spritzers, and more, every Believe Beauty product utilizes high quality ingredients to provide the perfect maintenance for your hair outside the salon. With shea butter, hibiscus, maracuja, brazil nut & buriti oils, our Believe Beauty lineup will maximize your color, keep your hair healthy and never dry, and give you life and style!